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Progress Bar OSX shows you exactly how much % of the year, month and day has progressed in your OSX menu bar. Inspired by Year Progress tweets

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Max Maker @rdev · JS Developer
Hi PH,

Did you know it's 2018 and it's already 35% over?

💬 The Story
I am a big fan of year_progress tweet but I want to see not only year I want to see month and day progress as well in minimal OS X menu bar with a cool progress bar.

- Show/hide progress bar
- Change the time when your day starts and ends
- Add your custom deadlines. Write a name with emoji and set a start date and end date
- Launch on startup
- Dark Mode Support
- Change formats of displayed text

This app is a part of my Hard Core Year - I 😱 quit my job and I have 1 year to get to 📈 profit as Indie Maker. You can read my story here: